Wild Gallery


4km from Brussels
3  Rooms
The plus +
The minus +
  • Free of caterer
  • No noise restriction
  • Daylight
  • Industrial architecture
  • Industrial neighborhood
  • No equipped kitchen
« incentive brussels for your next project : here is what you need to get it started ! »

Quite famous for as incentive Brussels, UNIT 03 is ready for any project : work incentive seminar event or training room rent. The UNIT 03 room is a perfect coporate event venue. It is located right within the mythical Wild Gallery, a remarkably designed facility remarkably with unique features and postindustrial architectural style. The venue can manage the holding of various even spanning from simple cocktail evening to sophisticated fashion catwalk.

Compared to the other rooms, the UNIT 03 one distinguishes itself because it can bring in natural daylight through numerous glass windows. The decoration is as pared down as possible so that it leaves room for room customization with regard to the contemplated event. For this purpose, a thin layer of white fabric covers every wall in the room. This means as well that those walls can also be used as screens in case of video projection. The latter projection can be declined in a panoramic layout too if necessary.

The total surface area is about 290 m2 and the hosting capacity depends on the desired layout. In a theater structure, 300 people can be hosted. In a standing up event structure, 500 people can then join the event. Lastly, in a dinner version, you can invite up to 200 people.