Le Plaza


0,55km from Brussels
3  Rooms
The plus +
The minus +
  • No meeting room charges
  • Access from the street
  • Art deco heritage
  • No external catering
  • No day light
  • No noise after 2am
« Looking for the best conference room rental in Brussels ? Le Plaza will be an excellent choice. »

Are you looking for a conference room rental or symposium hall ? We stop you right here because we have exactly what you need at this moment: Le Plaza ! This conference room for rent is exceptional with is value for money. Its Theater hall is a suitable environment for all cocktails, corporate dinners or exhibitions. The venue benefits from an outstanding art deco architectural style that will entail endless admiration among all your guests.

This is nothing less than a former actual theater hall entirely renovated in the course of the past decade. The surface area is decidedly vast and will provide all spectators with an out of common view over the main stage. The Theater is convertible depending on your needs for the contemplated project. The venue has a private entrance as to facilitate access to all guests. 

In addition, a professional kitchen corner is annexed to the main room and will enable you to cook the most exquisite dishes for all your guests. The caterer cannot be external and must be selected among the establishment’s partners. The theater structure is conceived as not to allow the daylight in the room. Regarding neighborhood disturbances, a noise restriction is established as of 2 am.