Château-Ferme de Moriensart


26km from Brussels
3  Rooms
The plus +
The minus +
  • Big Parking
  • Very calm area
  • Old buildings XIII & XVII
  • 26 km from Brussels
  • 10 min from motorway
  • No accommodation on site
« Assembly rooms xmas party in a quiet environment and with enough parking space? Ferme de Moriensart is the perfect location for your events. »

The Barn of the Ferme de Moriensart is situated in Brabant Wallon. The estate really is an enourmous 13th century Brabant farm. The interior stands out by its contemporary furniture. The estate has a large parking lot for the guest in the assembly rooms for xmas party. Thanks to its location, the Ferme de Moriensart breathes a spirit is peace and quiet which is hard to find in one of the large agglomerations. It is situated at hardly 10 minutes from the motorway exit. Guests can not spend the night on the premises. The large Ferme de Moriensart has a 320 m2 surface where you can receive between 450 and 900 guests simultaneously, for example for a company party. The Barn also has an annex. In the parking space there is room for 250 cars. You have a wide range of possibilities, from a huge reception to a very intimate event. Whether you irganisea large conference or a small meeting, please do not hesitate to contact the Ferme de Moriensart for assembly rooms for xmas.