Hof Ter Musschen


9,7km from Brussels
3  Rooms
The plus +
The minus +
  • Rustic interior
  • Easily accessible
  • Modern equipment
  • Exclusive catering
  • Catering mandatory
  • Limited parking
« We have a corporate events venue at our disposal for you! Hof Ter Musschen is a professional and welcoming place for your business projects. »

The Serinus room is part of Hof Ter Musschen, located in the Woluwé district of Brussels city. The structure and look make it a perfect location for meeting room in Belgium, the search of corporate events venue or company party events. Coupled to a high level service ready to satisfy the most demanding clients,Hof Ter Mussche  is ready to work with you.

The total surface area reaches about 170 m2 and can host around 200 guests in a reception type event for instance. However, other setups are possible and you might want to consider the rectangle layout, the school layout, the theater layout, the U shaped layout and so on. The original interior decoration is nicely contrasting with the modern commodities.

The location of the venue in Hof Ter Musschen but also in the city of Brussels gives it a clear advantage over other venues. The access becomes easy to make and guaranteed to everyone by car or public transport. The establishment is pairing with great caterers that will gladly take care of the culinary aspect of your corporate event. As for the contemplated project, the catering service is compulsory and must be added to the regular rental of the room.