Management Centre Europe


4,3km from Brussels
3  Rooms
The plus +
The minus +
  • Natural daylight
  • Air-conditioning
  • 6 translation boots
  • Compulsory caterer
  • No private parties
  • Limited parking
« The largest choice of meeting room booking in brussels. More than 40 venues to look at ! »

Do you need to find a meeting room booking venue in Brussels for in view of corporate events for clients or dinner and dance events ?

More than 40 venues next to each other can become a troublesome quest, especially in a big city like Brussels. The Management Center Europe is ideally located in the heart of the capital. The A room is a vast and pretty space that offers you large openings on both sides and classy furniture. Comfortable seats, fashionable colonnade and a bright floor are some of the many assets of this venue.

An effective air conditioning system makes sure that everyone will be put on the right conditions for successful event. The venue contains 6 translations booths.  The room number 1 offers its 333 m2 surface area and can host up to 96 people at the same time in a cabaret layout. If you opt for a school type layout, you will be able to place around 175 people in the room.

The configuration of the A room can be endlessly customized and adapted to your ideas. The establishment owes its talent to a 50 years old experience in that line of work. Let the Management Centre Europe take care of your project !