The Egg


2,7km from Brussels
3  Rooms
The plus +
The minus +
  • Magic charm
  • Advanced technical equipm
  • 6 break-out rooms
  • One single entrance
  • High ceiling
  • Post-industrial style
« Fully original, the Riverside hall is a standard for symposium event in Brussels. »

The Riverside room is set in the Egg facility and its 5000 m2. Whether you look for symposium event, symposium or seminar or symposium conference venue, the Riverside room is the right occasion to satisfy all your guests for your next event.

The total surface area is about 1250 m2, which makes it one of the largest room within the compound. 900 people can therefore find a comfortable seat for themselves inside under a sitting or standing event. If you choose a theater layout, then 450 persons can be there at the same time. Thanks to its implied symbolism with the river passing by the room, Riverside offers a singularly charming set of features. The room is also equipped with top-notch technological equipment including a video projector for your broadcast. In case of need, the Riverside hall is adjoined to a series of breakout rooms. You will find 6 of them on both sides of the space.

Should it be necessary to route special gears to the venue, you can very easily use the loading platform next to it. Its size fits the coming of vans and other large vehicles. In spite of the fact entrance is made through a single gate, access is facilitated by the availability of a wide parking lot for all visitors.