La Maison de l'Automobile


7,7km from Brussels
3  Rooms
The plus +
The minus +
  • Luminous
  • Design
  • Translation booth
  • No disco party
  • No seated dinner
  • Imposed catering
« The Maison de l’Automobile in Brussels offers countless possibilities for a corporate dinner, a seminar.... Beautiful and more than complete. »

The Nagant room in the Maison de l’Automobile mainly stands out by its large amount of light and the feeling of depth which is linked ot the structure of the building. The contemporary furniture is not only very attractive, but is also meets all the requirements of a demanding corporate event. The total surface of 120 m2 accomodates a maximum of 120 people for a reception. A lot of different configurations can be considered, which makes it possibible to organise all kinds of events. There is a translation booth next to the room. A lot off elements are included in a conference room booking, such as audio equipment, a video installation, internet, a flipchart, airconditioning, writing material and curtains to blind the windows if necessary. The Nagant room is on the ground floor of the Maison de l’Automobile and has a direct access to the garden. In view of the first destination of this room, no dancing parties or corporate dinner are allowed. Preference is given to work incentives seminar and meetings.