Hall Marivaux


0,5km from Brussels
3  Rooms
The plus +
The minus +
  • Restored listed building
  • Private entrance
  • Central location
  • No parties with music
  • Parking max 25 spaces
  • N/A
« hotel incentive Belgium for your next corporate event: Hall Marivaux in Brussels has got the solution for you. »

The magnificent Marivaux hotel is at your service with a view to organizing conferences, meetings and other types of corporate events. This hotel incentive Belgium offers 9 rooms to rent in the very heart of Brussels. Undoubtedly, the Marivaux Hall is the best part of this fabulous building among all conference room hotels.

This meeting room hotel counts the Marivaux Hall as an astonishing corridor forming the entrance of the hotel. Up to 381 m2 are available to any ort of event. It can consist in a product launch, a corporate dinner and will guarantee a strong impression on every guests. An impression that will last and have them hooked to your event style.

In a cocktail setup, you can have up to 250 people sitting at the same time. In a banquet setup, 175 people will be able to be hosted under the best possible conditions. Marivaux hotel has a wide range of offers and bundles fitting all kinds of budgets and inspirations. A private entrance is accessible through the Adolphe Max Boulevard. The Marivaux Hall also includes a cloakroom area that is shared with the Auditorium. This room, although classic in its architecture, has been fully renovated and shows unbeatable splendor.