BMW Brand Store


1,9km from Brussels
1  Room
The plus +
The minus +
  • Courtyard and terrace
  • Air conditioning
  • Hotels very close
  • Imposed catering
  • No garden
  • Centrally located
« The trendy venue. Discover the BMW world and its company party rentals ! »

The BMW Brand Store is located in the heart of Brussels city with a classy neighborhood for surroundings (Toison d’or/Boulevard de Waterloo). The Main Event hall is a venue that aims at providing company party rentals, corporate events and meetings and company party entertainment.

Besides, The multi-purpose nature of the place makes it ideal for any corporate events. In total, you will find 1000 m2 surface area to please your dreams and imagination in a single hall. The location and its environment give it a fancy touch you will most certainly appreciate. The “Enjoy Art” restaurant is directly adjoined to the BWM Mai Event hall and can be privatized and booked for your next events as well. The combination leaves room for endless possibilities.

The place also includes a series of commodities such as the air conditioning system, the parking facilities for all visitors and the conference equipment : they are all already included in the rental. In addition, you are free to enjoy the garden corner and the terrace area. The decoration mixes contemporary style and cozy interior with talent. The ultimate goal is for every single guest to enjoy his time and feel home. If this corresponds to what you are looking for, do not hesitate to require further information.