Ferme de la Haillebaude


39km from Brussels
1  Room
The plus +
The minus +
  • Courtyard and terrace
  • Large private car park
  • In nature
  • Imposed catering
  • No air conditioning
  • Not centrally located
« You found a venue for company party entertainment ? Ferme de la Haillebaude is probably the wisest choice for you at this stage. »

What a venue! This magnificent estate is nested in Seneffe, a castle filled region of Belgium. This former farm appears to be the right deal if you wish to have company party entertainment in great conditions. The building has been inaugurated in the course of the 18th century and has been since undergoing a series of deep renovation. If you fancy company party rentals or corporate events and meetings, Ferme de la Haillebaude is a first class pick for you!

The venue is characterized by its modern functionalities coupled to an authentic looking building. The charm is indescribable. The location is also a strong advantage given the travelling duration of 25 minutes to Brussels. In total, the 330 m2 surface area is to rent and can be subdivided in 2 distinct areas namely the barn and the reception hall.

Also, nothing hinders you from considering the place for meetings and seminars. Whilst the barn offers a 250 m2 surface area, the reception hall is 80 m2 wide. The setting is striking by its genuineness and allows you to be in direct touch with the outside nature. The various commodities included in the rental are the sound and video hardware as well as the massive parking lot for all visitors.