Hippodrome Oostende


2,9 km from Ostend
1  Room
The plus +
The minus +
  • Very huge room
  • Large private car park
  • Areas with sea views
  • Imposed catering
  • Not for small groups
  • Not centrally located
« Hippodroom van Oostende: invite up to 1200 guests for corporate events and meetings, with ample parking space, fully equipped rooms and sea views... »

The Main Event Hall is the enourmous room in the building known as the Hippodrome Wellington in Oostende. It is the ideal location for corporate events and meetings, a product launch or any other kind of event. From a historical poin tof view it is a fortress from the napoleontic era, which was later transformed into a race course. Whatever kind of project you intend to organize, (a conference/seminar, a dinner/gala, cocktail/reception), you will be able to receive up to 1200 people in the Main Event Hall. The Hippodrome van Oostende contains 4 seperate rooms with a total surface of 1600 m2. Moreover, the location has a number of characteristics giving it a prominent place in the Belgian event sector for company party rentals. We can mention the enormous parking space for the clients, the accessibility for people with limited mobility, the projection room and the large outside terrace with splendid views on the North Sea. All these elements make it into a unique location with an original touch for company party entertainment. The historical wealth of the Main Event Hall brings a new spirit in the world of teambuilding events. Finally we should not forget to mention that the location is situated in the midst of splendid nature.