1,1km from Brussels
3  Rooms
The plus +
The minus +
  • Confortable seats
  • Access for disabled
  • Reception room included
  • No break-room
  • Theater room upstairs
  • Little kitchen
« Finding a symposium hall can be tough because there are so many venues. Brussels 44 Center is distinguishable for so many reasons! »

The Brel room offers 156 quality sitting spots. The venue is located nearby the Maeterlinck room that is a multi-purpose hall with great utility for symposium hall projects.

The Brel room brings all necessary equipment you should need for an event or a conference room rental. This includes a control booth for sound and light management, translations booths as well as a retractable screen that comes with its own video projector. The Brel room also encompasses a bar counter, a cloackroom and a reception hall. The Maeterlinck room, on the other hand, can be declined in accordance to the contemplated projects like conference room for rent.

This room contains all kinds of sound systems, a screen, a video projector as well as a functional kitchen corner. As for the Brel room, the Maeterlinck room includes its own bar area a cloakroom and a reception zone. The room is highly distinguishable by its amazing seats. It is good to know that there are special access entrances to every room in the compound for persons suffering reduced mobility. On the other hand, there is no break out room included in any hall. The professional kitchen corner in the Maeterlinck room is quite small but remains quite full-fledged.