Cercle de Lorraine


2km from Brussels
3  Rooms
The plus +
The minus +
  • Unique
  • Parking
  • Central location
  • No noise > 00.00
  • No daylight
  • High price
« You just found the corporate events fun location of your dream ! Cercle de Lorraine has now your attention ! »

The Interior Courtyard consists in one of the most prestigious of the famous Cercle de Lorraine. This venue is located in the very center of Brussels city. The venue works perfectly for corporate events fun or assembly rooms hire. Its setting, quite original although pared down in some regards, ensure a renowned
event for you company.

The moment will be unforgettable and according to your current needs and desires, the Interior Courtyard can adapt to your plan. The outdoor terrace for instance can be covered upon request thanks to a top-notch technologic retractable roof. This adds up to the venue unique character. We can count on a wide 400 m2 surface area. In a lunch/dinner layout, you will be able to invite over 350 guests at the same time. In a walking version of the two previous ideas, 600 people can join this time.

With a view to organizing a cocktail type event, 700 people will be possibly hosted. Lastly, if you had in mind to opt for a theater setup, about 400 people can be part of this project with a comfortable seat. Let’s not forget that the venue owns its own parking lot to the great delight of all visitors.