Château de la Poste


18km from Namur
3  Rooms
The plus +
The minus +
  • Unusual
  • No sound limit
  • Free of caterer
  • Not roofed
  • No public transport
  • Access difficult
« No need for extra search of meeting room hotel : Château de la Poste will definitely suit your projects. »

Château de la Poste’s Galic Village is a full fledged area within the meeting room hotel land of 42 hectares. Originally built among all conference room hotels, you will be able to enjoy a quality barbecue in fine weather and then to sleep in tents in an amazing environment.

Within this hotel incentive Belgium, the choice of a caterer as an extra will satisfy up to 60 guests. As got the rest of the castle’s areas, the Galic Village does not impose any noise restriction in order to enable any kind of project. The caterer, if needed, is free of choice and is not subject to any particular condition of partnership.

Given the location of Château de la Poste right between Brussels and Luxembourg, the location might appear a little hard to access for those who use public transport. It is thus preferable to use your own vehicle in that regard. One thing you should be watching out for are the weather conditions because the Galic Village is not covered and does not protect from the rainfalls. The Château de la Poste’s Galic Village is therefore to be opted for in fine weather only. Do not miss your chance to try this outstanding venue.