Hof Ter Musschen


9,7km from Brussels
3  Rooms
The plus +
The minus +
  • Rustic interior
  • Easily accessible
  • Modern equipment
  • Exclusive catering
  • Catering mandatory
  • Limited parking
« company party events in the Belgian capital ? Hof Ter Musschen will deliver you the finest performance in that field. »

The Fringilla room is located in the district of Woluwé in Brussels city. It is one the many areas to rent in Hof Ter Musschen and quite adequate for company party events. Plenty of configuration are possible for this meeting room in Belgium.

Thanks to its wide 75 m2 surface area, the fringilla room can seat up to 62 people according to a theater layout. Other possibilities are still possible including rectangle shaped layout and school layout. The capacity will vary for each one of those options. The Fringilla room delivers an authentic interior style and brings a fresh countryside touch as your next corporate events venue.

 The access remains easy and can be made through car or any public transport since the venue in the city center. Lots of equipment are already included with the rental and Hof Ter Musschen also provides parking spots for your guests. The catering option has to be opted for in addition to the regular rental of the place. The caterer cannot be chosen from outside. In that spirit, you will have to select it among the establishment’s partners. The have all great experience in the cooking field and will be glad to cook you tasteful dishes.