7,7km from Brussels
3  Rooms
The plus +
The minus +
  • Multipurpose room
  • Fully concealable
  • Acoustically treated
  • No more than 2 workshop's
  • Separate room
  • Northern light
« Wolubilis as symposium conference venue in Brussels ? Of course, click here and discover. »

The Foyer 2 room is located in the symposium conference Wolubilis compound right in the city center of Brussels. This middle-sized room is perfect for symposium event with its 150 m2 surface area that can be used for all symposium or seminar projects. Besides, the venue benefits from a great view over the Agora space and can have its daylight hidden with the help of blinds upon request.

The room can have up to 150 people sitting in optimal conditions. The Foyer 2 room comes with all necessary equipment for audio and video broadcasting and also has superb soundproofing features. The room is remains multi-purpose and can be adapted for every project you will plan. The creative range is thus wide.

If you wish to have corporate workshops, the amount is fixed to a maximum of 2 at the same time due to logistical reasons. This venue is entirely independent and cannot be adjoined to other rooms in the Wolubilis facility. If there is a need for micro use, as for a speech for instance, the room’s soundproofing will come in very handy and ensure the excellence for the performance. The orator will surely thank you for choosing Foyer 2. Do not hesitate to ask all necessary information regarding the rental of this amazing venue and click here below.