The Event Lounge


4,9km from Brussels
3  Rooms
The plus +
The minus +
  • Airco in Convention Room
  • Lounge corner
  • Terrace
  • Industrial zone
  • Room at the first floor
  • One single entrance
« Find out more about this dinner and dance events venue. The Event Lounge is the trendy place of the hour ! »

The space consists in the trip assemblage of rooms, this guaranteeing a large range of possible corporate events. All 3 rooms can be associated or dissociated to your liking. If you wish to book them all together, be ready for a surprisingly effective synergy. The Convention 2 room is middle-sized and makes possible to welcome around 75 persons all at once. The room is fully equipped with a set f microphones, an air conditioning system as well as a bundle of seats and table. In fact, this meeting room booking venue is absolutely ideal for corporate events for clients plus dinner and dance events.

The Convention 3 room, on the other hand, is about the same capacity but made of a slightly design. In the same line of reasoning, the equipment on-board is quite the same. The room is handy for conferences and seminars. The third room is seen as the executive one given the luxury of its commodities and gears. The quality is increased as to get optimal comfort for all the guests. The room cans serve for a maximum of 16 people under top-level conditions. 

A lounge corner as been set next to the rooms and remains accessible to everyone. It offers great opportunities to relax and take a breather for a bit.