The Event Lounge


4,9km from Brussels
3  Rooms
The plus +
The minus +
  • Multipurpose room
  • Geographical situation
  • Technical setup included
  • No natural daylight
  • Industrial zone
  • One single entrance
« Pure design and meeting room booking at the Event Lounge in Brussels ! Come have a look ! »

The Convention 1 + Cocktail is the joining of two areas that total about 1250 m2 surface area. This makes it possible to welcome massive events requiring high hosting capacity. Even though the room’s nature is essentially multi-purpose, the on-board equipment can also specify and personalize the room in view of meeting room booking, corporate events for clients and dinner and dance events.

The venue is conveniently located nearby the Brussels airport. In addition, it is possible to organize memorable corporate events. The Convention 1 and Cocktail duo can also be used together or not. If you wish to keep them separate, a separation curtain can easily be deployed and ensure the running of the project. You can readily think of having a cocktail on the one hand and a presentation on the other hand.

The equipment that will be included in those two rooms is a first-rate one and is comprised of a series of video projectors, a set of microphones, a set of light “8 automatic” spotlights, a sound and image bundle as well as a podium. There is therefore no limit to where your imagination can get. The Event Lounge lets your idea flow and come to life.