Ateliers des Tanneurs


1,5km from Brussels
3  Rooms
The plus +
The minus +
  • Character of the place
  • Dancing parties
  • Adjoining terrace
  • Not free of catering
  • Parking 5 min away
  • No plenary sessions
« Do not hesitate to book Atelier des Tanneurs: the right place for your product launch event in Brussels. »

Atelier des Tanneurs has acquired great renown in product launch event, assembly rooms hire and corporate events fun. The Barrels Hall is comprised of the former barrels hall, as known as the kitchen area, as well as of a mezzanine with intimate atmosphere. If you fancy, it is absolutely possible to pursue the party outside because the first area can easily connect to one of the building’s courtyard. In that spirit, it becomes thinkable to plan on having tents and other camping gears.

The Barrels Hall offers a 140 m2 surface area and can host up to 200 people at the same time. The fares are fixed according to layouts and needs: it is upon request. The Barrels Hall can be rented apart and without the mezzanine area. Choosing for the combination is entirely up to your mood.

The environment of the Barrels Hall can gladly host dancing parties and musical evenings. The annexed terrace can also thrill you with a little fresh air when you feel for a break when the need arises. A parking lot is provided for all visitors about 5 minutes away from the venue. Given this facility, access becomes an easy game for everyone willing to join the project.