The Egg


2,7km from Brussels
3  Rooms
The plus +
The minus +
  • Telescopic theater- style
  • Technical Setup included
  • Air conditioned
  • High ceiling
  • Post-Industrial style
  • No natural daylight
« Do not hesitate to book it: the Egg has the best hall for symposium conference in the city. »

The Auditorium quickly became  a new standard en terms of symposium conference, symposium or seminar and symposium event in Brussels. The venue is located in the Egg, right in the very center of Brussels city. The Auditorium is also adapted for congress type events.

The venue offers as many as 900 seats if you think of having a theater layout for your project. The classic configuration as well as the walking dinner option will enable 850 persons to find a seat. The surface area is about 700 m2. Maximal capacity for the room can be obtained through the use of a retractable grandstand for that purpose. Alone, this can add an extra 415 spots in the venue. If this grandstand was not used, the room can be modulated as a giant and multi-purpose black box. In this way, all types of events can be effectively realized within the Auditorium.

Technical gear is also available through the rental of the place. Among other things, we shall mention the air conditioning system as to ensure ideal temperature. Besides, due to its construction, the Auditorium benefits from a top-level acoustic environment. The ceiling’s height, quite significant, and the post-industrial charm of the room will most certainly make lasting impression on your guests.