carte Ferme de Moriensart salle de reception pour entreprises

Château-Ferme de Moriensart


A partir de 900
26km de Bruxelles
Les plus ++
Les moins --
  • Capacité
  • Salle scindable
  • Lumière du jour possible
  • Pas de matériel AV
  • 3 salles indépendantes
  • Pas de WC handicapé
« Découvez vite cette salle de reception pour sociétés, aux portes de bruxelles, Ferme de Moriensart est vraiment un lieu attachant. Aux possibilités inouïes et à 25km de Bruxelles, c'est un excellent choix. »

The Cocktail room of the Ferme de Moriensart is situated in the heart of the province Brabant Wallon. Its 320 m2 allow you to accomodate 300 to 600 guests in assembly rooms for xmas. The farm is an astonishing compomise between rural authenticity and a qualitative contemporary interior. The roman tower is quite remarkable bacause it dates from the 13th century. One of the location’s most important advantages is the large parking space for 250 cars for the assembly rooms for a xmas party. The Cocktail Room can be devided in two in order to answer all your needs and the numerous windows allow plenty of daylight to enter. No light or audio equipment is included in the price and has to be ordered separately if you need it for your company party. The Cocktail Room is devided in three different rooms which can be connected to one another if necessary. Although the Cocktail Room of the Ferme de Moriensart is fully equipped, there is no toilet adapted to people with limited mobility.